Kore Kreations Natural Deodorant

Kore Kreations Natural Deodorant

The combination of these essential oils, the moisturizing and soothing base ingredients of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and Avocado oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder and baking soda make for a beautiful, extremely effective natural deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh all day. 


Spring: Just like Spring this natural cream deodorant scented with pure essential oils of lemongrass, jasmine and patchouli will leave you feeling fresh and clean. The lemony scent from Lemongrass will help restore vitality & wellbeing while being emotionally uplifting. Patchouli is sensual in nature and has natural deodorizing components. Finally the Jasmine adds a warm floral undertone while being good for dry , sensitive skin.


Summer: Summer time fills the air with the beautiful aroma's from nature's flowers. Kore's natural cream Summer deodorant is scented with pure essential oils of bergamot and rose. Bergamot's soft citrus aroma brings a sense of relaxation with restorative and calming qualities. While the harmonizing aroma of Rose reminds us of the abundance of flowers in summertime.


Autumn: Autumn Natural cream deodorant scented with pure essential oils of Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli. The soft floral aromas from geranium and lavender are uplifting, comforting and will help calm and balance your body, heart and mind while keeping you smelling beautiful all day long.


Winter: Winter is a fresh woodsy smelling natural cream deodorant, scented with pure essential oils of Neroli, Pine, Juniper berry and Cedarwood.